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Hi John,

I've got an interesting question for you. It's based on system/page/block caching. I'm asking you this question because the topic came up when I was using Magic Data to create page lists of user generated pages on the profile page, and you told me about the Cache Free Content block...which has proven to be quite useful.

I'm placing this in the Magic Tabs support because they are my target blocks that I need a solution for, but the truth is, the issue persists on all block types.

Here's the scenario:

I'm using Magic Tabs in combo with a form and your Page Selector Attributes block, to generate a page with user bio details that is viewable by the public and logged in users. The form creates the page and designates the form user/submitter as the owner of the page...that same page has the Magic Tabs, and the Page Selector Attributes block to add images and page specific search filters. All of these editing features are only accessible to the Page Owner. This way when a logged in member wants to see another member's bio page they don't see the Magic Tabs on another page owned by a different member. The tabs should only be accessible by the page owner, so only the owner can edit their page with the Page Selector Attributes block.

So..the user logs in...goes to bio generation form...submits details...the form creates the page and immediately redirects the user to the newly generated page.

Initially, in general, all works as it should...with one glaring problem. Unfortunately, when the member first lands on the target page the page owner blocks aren't visible to the page owner.

It appears blocks only accessible to Page Owners require the page owner to logout and log back in to see the targeted blocks. For some reason that page isn't being attributed to the owner immediately upon being generated, but rather only upon logging out and logging back in. The page owner only has to logout and log back in once, but this is highly inconvenient and breaks the flow of the bio generation. Very counter intuitive.

This really isn't your problem. I've just come to trust your wisdom and knowledge. That said, I'm putting this support ticket under Magic Tabs, because at this point those are the specific blocks I want accessible by the page owner only.

Is what I'm experiencing simply native to C5? Is it merely a caching issue of some sort? Must Page Owners really logout once in order for their block permissions to kick in? Weird?!

Any thoughts, ideas? Is there a Magic Tabs Cache/Free Content combo that would do the trick?

Thank you so much.


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