Print page with all closed tabs content showing.

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Is it possible to print the page with the contents of all the tabs printed.


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JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
This isn't something I have ever thought about or tested.

You may be able to do it by creating a print specific style sheet that makes all tabs visible. Or by adding a bit of javascript to make all tabs visible.

Perhaps if you looked further into 'print this page' script snippets, you could use such a snippet from a button and tweak the script to make all tabs visible as part of the print action.

In the long term, this is a sufficiently good idea that I will add it to my file of possible enhancements for when I next do a major overhaul of magic tabs.
cmerritt replied on at Permalink Reply
I was planning using Print My Page addon to format and print the page containing the tabs. This uses a print style sheet to format the page.
I have the rest of the page printing ok. I am not sure of what css I will need to use to get the tabs to print.

cmerritt replied on at Permalink Reply
I have now got all the tabs printing. I think I was looking at the screen for too long last night. A fresh start and all is good.


JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Colin
Good to know you have a solution. This could be of interest to other users of both addons, so if you have a spare 5 minutes it would be great if you could post a few more details.
cmerritt replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
This is the CSS I used with Print My Page to hide the tabs and print the content
#jl_magic_tabs_lock_component_home_gix1{display:block !important;}
#jl_magic_tabs_built_lock_gix2{display:block !important;}
#jl_magic_tabs_finishing_pack_gix3{display:block !important;}
#jl_magic_tabs_fully_built_gix4{display:block !important;}
.jl_magic_tabs {display:none;}

I used firebug to get the div id's


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