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We want to make a stack using magic tabs so we can drop a stack on all the pages and then edit it from stacks. This is going to be for areas we cover ie towns.

I built it in a stack and have been able to drop it on a page but when I try to choose a custom template it says there are no custom block templates

If I drop on a magic tab direct on the page I can then theme it no problems< I can even drop on the stack and this follows the above theme...

Any ideas?

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JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
This is a stacks issue, stacks have never been friendly to block templates.

Useful background before reading further

If your set of tabs is going to be totally enclosed within an area, you could instead put what would have been in your stack into an area of a hidden page, then use the Global Areas block to duplicate that to wherever you need it.

If you have the tabs on a parent page and all children, you could use a Parent Area block to do similar.

My Universal Content Puller block also does the above and more.

All the above have Blocks By Ajax templates if that is of interest.

If you want the tabs in the stack to be part of a larger set of tabs, so you can add the stack to an area and then extend that page area with more tabs blocks and other blocks, the solution is that Magic Tabs takes its template from the first tab in a set, so as long as the first magic tabs block is directly on a page, those following can be in a stack.

This will work reliably in a Main area, but can cause glitches in other areas because blocks inside stacks always think they are in 'Main'.

Edit your theme to create a new page type for the tabbed content page and create a global area in that template for the common tabbed content. (not the same as the Global Areas block)

If you have just 1 tab style across your site, make that style the default view for magic tabs by overriding the block view (not quite the same as adding a template, but pretty similar)


Any of the above can work, it all depends on the details of your requirement.


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