Quick Start for concrete5.6 Users

If you have already used Magic Tabs in previous versions of concrete5, you are not in for any surprises. Magic Tabs in concrete5.7 works in pretty much the same way. 

The only big difference is that you may need to use a Magic Tabs End block a little more often than you are used to because of the way concrete5.7 uses the grid from your theme.

Self contained custom templates compatible with Magic Tabs v2.x in concrete5.6 will work with this version of Magic Tabs. However, to get the best results you should make a minor change to the way the continuity helper is updated.

$ch->update_continuity($this->block->getBlockAreaObject(), $controller->get_nesting_level_option(), $controller->get_tab_continuity());

Note that the first parameter passed is the area object, not the area handle! Compatibility with this change will be back-ported to Magic Tabs v2.x.

Templates that use concrete5.6 core styles may require a bit more work to port to this version of Magic Tabs because the core styles have changes in concrete5.7. It may be easier to start with a new adaptation of one of the templates provided with this version of Magic Tabs.

The documentation pages are common to all versions of Magic Tabs and make distinctions where necessary.