Google Maps not showing up in Tabs

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Hi, I've several Google Maps and I wanted to use the tabs to break them up for each switch and view.

However, only the first tabs map shows up:

Ideas on how to resolve this?

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JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply 1 Attachment
It looks like you are using msv_location_map.

There is a generic issue with Google Maps that means a map will not render properly if an attempt is made to render it while hidden.

The solution is to not actually render the map until its canvas area is visible, as described in

This has been implemented in the core Google Maps block since c5.6, but not by Location Map.

I have attached a modified view.php for Location Map that implements the solution.

I am assuming you know how to use this as a replacement for the view.php in Location Maps or in an alternate block template. Let me know if you need further help with this.
JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
I have added a revised version of my old howto to the Magic Tabs documentation

[edited, corrected URL]
plschneide replied on at Permalink Reply
thanks yes this makes sense!
JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
Ryan (@mesuva) will be adding the revised template or similar to the next update of location map. He is familiar with the hidden render issue for Google maps, but hadn't anticipated it could become an issue with this block.
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Core Version - 8.2.1
Version Installed - 8.2.1
Database Version - 20170802000000

# concrete5 Packages
Location Map (1.0.6), Magic Tabs (7.1.2), Migration Tool (0.5.4), Quick Tabs (1.0), Responsive Embed (1.0.1), Responsive Theme (2.1.9), Zoomer (1.0.1)

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Block Cache - On
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Full Page Caching - Off
Full Page Cache Lifetime - Every 6 hours (default setting).

# Server Software
Apache/2.4.23 (Unix) OpenSSL/1.0.1e-fips mod_bwlimited/1.4

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# PHP Settings
max_execution_time - 30
log_errors_max_len - 1024
max_file_uploads - 20
max_input_nesting_level - 64
max_input_time - 60
max_input_vars - 1000
memory_limit - 128M
post_max_size - 120M
sql.safe_mode - Off
upload_max_filesize - 115M
mysql.max_links - Unlimited
mysql.max_persistent - Unlimited
mysqli.max_links - Unlimited
mysqli.max_persistent - Unlimited
pcre.backtrack_limit - 1000000
pcre.recursion_limit - 100000
session.cache_limiter - <i>no value</i>
session.gc_maxlifetime - 7200

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