Setting up a remote control toggle

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First, set up a basic toggle, as per

Once you have this basic hover behaviour working (as above), you can now do a couple of small changes to make it work with a remote.

Edit each Magic Toggle block to have a remote label 'your_choice_of_remote_label_name' and the first Magic Toggle block to have the custom template 'on_remote_control_click'.

Then, elsewhere on the page, you add a 'Magic Toggle Remote' block, with the same 'your_choice_of_remote_label_name'. The link this displays, when clicked, will trigger the toggle from (A) to (B) and back.

The Magic Toggle Remote control block is just a link that triggers an event that the Magic Toggle blocks respond to. The common 'your_choice_of_remote_label_name' is a means of associating between them.

You can see exactly this behaviour working on my c5magic site at

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