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Hi, I'm not clear if this will do what I want. I have a group of people that want to email the entire group and then be able respond directly to the entire group.

For instance, I send an email from [email protected] to [email protected] mysite then forwards the email to everyone in the group, including [email protected], but the new email's from field is [email protected] That way, when members hit reply, their reply will go to the group.

I had thought the mailing list function in cPanel should do this, but it won't let me set up a mailing list. (I'm hosting with concrete5.)

Will this add on do that? Do I just need to get cPanel permissions? Are there other options?
Paul K

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Tony replied on at Permalink Reply
no, the mailing list package doesn't really support this kind of thing. you can send mailing out to users in any group, but there is no feature to reply to that mailing and to send out to everyone else in that group.

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