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I need for every list an other auto responder mail. (Multilingual) how should I do this?


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Tony replied on at Permalink Reply
This package doesn't currently offer a multi-language autoresponder as a feature. If you'd like that functionality you'll have to do some customiziation on the package.
restyles replied on at Permalink Reply
I thought this was included.. how much will it cost to let you code this?

And how can I translate the block form in different languages for all of my multi language pages?
Tony replied on at Permalink Reply
I'm not picking up any additional freelancing work at the moment. You may want to ask for help within the Jobs form on this site, since there's some talented developers who might be able to help you out.

Regarding how to translate the block for multiple languages, I have wrapped the strings outputted within the mailing subscriptions block with the translation function, so having translated versions of the package should swap out a lot of the strings. Where you're going to run into problems though is if you're asking for additional attributes besides the user's email address, like with their first name and last name. It looks like these attributes out loaded dynamically from the concrete5 core using the attribute's form rendering, so you or your developer may have to hack the concrete5 core to wrap those attribute key names with the translation function.
restyles replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks for your replay. I will figure this out.
sankettotala replied on at Permalink Reply
Any chance you are thinking of getting to this?

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