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I need to have table controls in the mail editor to split content more precisely. It seems that in the newest version the editor is created by calling:

<?php  Loader::element('editor_controls'); ?>

If I change the Toolbar Set in Sitewide settings, should the mailing list toolbar change as well? Now it seems that changing the set doesn't have any effect on toolbar. It always seems to load the simple version, no matter what are the settings in Toolbar Set.

Previously I had just set table plugin and tablecontrols setting inside the <script> tags in tony_mailing_list/single_pages/dashboard/mailing_list/send.php and it worked fine. Any ideas how to get this work? I know at least to some extent how to modify tinyMCE themes, but where should these settings be done inside concrete to get desired effect?

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Tony replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
I decided not to use the default editor controls within the mailing list package because most email clients are really limited in the html/css that they can display. So I'm just including a stripped down version with only safe elements included. As you found out, it is pretty easy to customize the editor though if you'd like to add additional tools to it. TinyMCE's website has documentation on how to customize it. But you should copy /packages/tony_mailing_list/single_pages/dashboard/mailing_list/send.php to /single_pages/dashboard/mailing_list/send.php, so that it won't be overwritten when you do an update.
Ale replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks for your reply.

I'm aware how crippled many email-clients are when it comes to rendering html/css. Tables however, are essential if you want to split mail body into columns. When done with basic inline styles(width,height, maybe padding) they are rendered quite nicely with _most_ e-mail clients.

In my opinion, the table controls would be nice addition to default controls on mailing list package. Anyway, I'll just add an customized tinyMCE to get the job done.


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