What is the difference between Contact Directory and Mailing List?

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Are Mailing List and Contact Directorhttp://www.concrete5.org/marketplace/addons/contact-directory/... similar, or very different projects?

Can they, should they work in companion, or do people buy one of the other?

Thank you!

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Tony replied on at Permalink Reply
they really are pretty different. The contact directory doesn't include a way to create, send, or view mailings, or any way for people to subscribe to a mailing list. I'm not too familiar with the contact directory, but I think it's mainly for displaying a list of contacts on your site. And no, the two packages aren't integrated at this point (since the mailing list already allows sending to registered or unregistered), but if enough people show interest in it I can look into what it would take to integrate the two.
HeartStrong07 replied on at Permalink Reply 1 Attachment
Thanks Tony,

Two final questions. I recently installed the ProEvents Add-on (http://www.concrete5.org/marketplace/addons/proevents/ ) for scheduling and tracking events.

Do you know if installing Mailing List will cause problems with ProEvents or visa-versa?

Do you know if Mailing List integrates with ProEvents such that a Mailing List Name and Email Address could easily populate the ProEvents Links page (see attachment)

Tony replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
no, the mailing list package and the proevents package on the same installation shouldn't have any issues (but the same could be said of the vast majority of concrete5 packages).

so you're trying to make that event contact email let you select from existing email addresses? does the list of email addresses that you want to pull from consist of only registered users? In that case you wouldn't need to integrate it with the mailing list package, but rather the proevents add event page would just need to be slightly customized to loop through all the registered users' emails. Maybe you can request to have Chad add that into his package (since I can see how other users might want that same feature)?
HeartStrong07 replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks Tony,

I will be purchasing this product later today (if not sooner if I don't fall back asleep).

Thank you - perfect answers!

Okay, I fix one of the problems I was having before I was going to purchase the Mailing List Add-0n.

As soon as I figure out how to re-insert my member page within the C5 DB Single Pages and am on this!
HeartStrong07 replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Tony,

Well, I haven't gotten pass the snag below that is when people register (on the registration page) and then sign-in (on the sign-in) they get caught in a loop where the website logs them as signed-in but they never actually get in the website they just keep looping.

I can't figure out the problem. I am afraid to buy the Mailing List add-on because I am assuming it interfaces with the registration, sign-on and member pages in a unique way. I don't want to gum up the works and not be able to get back to square one.

What are your thoughts? Should I keep trying to work this problem out for a week or are installing and using Mailing List and this problem really two different things.


Just bought your Add-on. I feel stupid, my problem was I had permissions set to private instead of public
Tony replied on at Permalink Reply
it sounds like that looping issue is something to do with permissions (maybe the user doesn't have the correct permissions for the page that they're trying to be forwarded to). the mailing list package does really have anything to do with that kind of thing, haven't had any permissions related issues with the package before. ...oh, just read your update. glad you got it figured out.
HeartStrong07 replied on at Permalink Reply 1 Attachment
Hey Tony,

Thanks a lot for this Add-On.

I don't have my member / team page totally finished but attached is the use of your Mailing List and User Add-ons.

I also included a link to Zoho Project Management to manage website team projects.

I am guessing I will be able to simply upload a CVS file from the mailing list to Zoho Project Management.

Hope you and Chad get together to edit his Event Contact Name / Email feature to integrate with Mailing List to bring it all together!

Thanks again!

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