Which file creates the email body?

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I can't seem to find the file which inserts the body of the message in the email?

I would like to do a few tweaks to fit my template.

I have built most of my template in the "header" and "footer" code of the add-on, but I just have a few more changes I need in the body.

Also... Do you have any recommendations on how to control link color / behavior int he email? I am using inline tables and span commands to style everything, but can't figure out links!


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Tony replied on at Permalink Reply
the send() method of /models/tony_mailing_list_mailing.php does most of the work in preparing the mailing. To give the links a fixed color you'll need to add inline styles to the <a> tag, which you could probably do with a regular expression. take a look where relativeToAbsoluteLinks() is being called in that file. You'll probably want to add the color regex in around the same place.

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