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Review posted by LostLoon on at

Works well!

This works great and anyone who complains about it: it's FREE, come on!!
Review posted by goldhat on at

Great addon, deep integration with MailChimp

Thanks for making this package, it is so useful. This is going on our list of best free C5 addons at because it deserves the credit. I would have been happy to find a free form integration addon, but this is much deeper integration. We're definitely going to recommend this option to our clients because MailChimp is easy to work with and MailMonkey makes MailChimp feel like part of C5 for most of the common management.

I will say what might make it better in terms of the block form is if there were options for setting the various text/button. Given how deep this package is in other areas you should try to make that customization possible without coding. For us it's no problem to make a custom template.

I definitely feel this is the better route to go than the other addons for mailing in C5 that are mostly premium.
Review posted by haky on at

Great mailchimp integration

We've been using this integration on our site and it works great. The only think that the controller should be process the other main fields by default (like phone, nickname etc.) as well.

Thanks for the integration! Great work!
Review posted by TheRealSean on at

Broken - in its current state

In its current state this addon is broken.

The ability to add groups does not work, group type do not work adding a block to a page and ticking Show groups (with no groups available) also gives an error.
Response by JoeHiveCreative on at
Hello, there is an update for the mailmonkey add-on that has it fixed.
Review posted by Dutchwave on at

Works good, but big speed issue

It does what it need to do. But as soon you integrate the front end sign-in module, the response time of the sites page doubles. Tried it on 2 different servers..
Review posted by drumrby on at

Great Integration.

I am very fond of this product. I have several of my clients using MailChimp so the ability to integrate it right into their website is HUGE! They love being able to login into one place to edit their website and send out emails to their customers. Good things!
Review posted by bschwartz on at

Templates? Where?

"custom block views are freely available to all users in the C5 community"

Can you please link me to these templates? Searching the Concrete5 site gave me no relevant results.

Also, I have the block installed, and it appears to work fine on sign-up, but when I check my list, no subscribers are shown. The list shows up on the dashboard, but shows no subscribers. Assistance would be appreciated.

Before 2.0.0

Review posted by globalnerds on at

Easy to use

This add on was easy to use and configure... and for the price can you really complain! :)
Review posted by ld13 on at

Sing-up block is the Achilles' heel of this Add-on

I got very excited when I found the add-on for mailchimp in the concrete5 marketplace; however, pretty quickly my happines turn into frustation when I realized how poor and obsolete the singup block is. The form this block inserts lacks completely on user usability... the validation instead of using ajax reloads the whole page, which can be a HUGE turn off for the visitor because the only way to realize that there was an error is by scrolling down(if the form is below the fold). In addition the form completely disappears, so even if the user notices the error he/she then have to click the back button on the browser to be able to fill up the form again and give it another try. Way too complicated for a user that is not tech-savvy.

I have been doing a lot of research and it seems a lot of people have noticed these downfalls, but there is no feedback or response from the developers. I understand the block is FREE, so responding back is not a priority. But I would say that improving and updating this block can be very beneficial for many even if we have to pay for the block.

The whole back end and the integration with C5 is great, but please keep in mind if nobody sings-up because the sign-up block just does not work, who I am going to send campaigns too??? this a major issue and should be address ASAP!!
Response by JoeHiveCreative on at
This user so kindly asks for assistance and then leaves a poor review 3 seconds later. To respond, custom block views are freely available to all users in the C5 community. MailMonkey is a FANTASTIC start with full integration. End users are free to create as many custom view, with AJAX, as they please. We hope to include more AJAX elements in the next release, as well as many other dashboard and integration improvements. We stand by this great and FREE product, and know that many find it exceedingly helpful to their business needs.
Review posted by triplei on at

Great module

We have been using this module for a little while now and it works great. It has a simple interface for clients to use as well.

The only thing that may be a nice addition would be a customizable title on the sign-up form block, but that's a pretty easy template change.

All in all, very happy with it.
Review posted by dwayneparton on at

Very Impressive

You definitely can't beat the price and it is very easy to use. Thanks for the great add-on.
Review posted by frz on at

Great cross company product

Made with support from the mailchimp guys by one of the most active 3rd party developers on A great product that should come with support
Review posted by 12345j on at

Great Addon

great free addon, excellent integration
Review posted by myFullFlavour on at

You get what you pay for

Tried it, checked it out and some shoddy code work. Have fun.
Response by JoeHiveCreative on at
I noticed you did not put in a support request? We would love to help you if there is some issue that we need to resolve. Andrew, one of the core authors of Concrete5 itself has made mention that this package was done very well. So if there are some specific code instances that we should be aware of, please inform us so that we can resolve them promptly.

Ultimately, we want to put forward a great product and support it well. So if you can provide some specific examples to support your statement, please do so. Otherwise, we are getting lots of great feedback, and are very proud of this app,as is MailChimp staff and executives, and we will stand by it to support it and continually make it a better product. thank you.
Review posted by RadiantWeb on at

The Entire MailChimp API, right in your dashboard!

To have this much flexibility right in the context of you CMS is amazing. MailChimp is a fantastic company. This app covers a LOT of ground and makes tracking your campaigns and managing your website seamless.
Review posted by andrew on at

Really nice integration

Great GUI, powerful. Impressive tool for free.

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