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Review posted by nikkor on at

Works perfectly

Thank you for making this. I installed it and had it working with a redirection to an external static page in less than 5 minutes. It works great!
Review posted by designsforchange on at

Thank you for the great Addon!

Easy to use and super handy! Great job
Review posted by JohntheFish on at

Makes taking a site offline for maintenance very easy.

Its hard to believe that I only got round to using this last week. Before then I had just used the regular Maintenance Mode.

Anyway, this Maintenance Editor addon is easy to set up and much more convenient to work with.

In the future I will be going straight for Maintenance Editor rather than messing about with customising the standard page.
Review posted by ZillionProductions on at

Great add-on

Simple and effective!
Review posted by Tao on at


Very useful.
Review posted by bluepenguinmedia on at

Awesome Add On

I have used this on many websites and now standard on any website buid
Review posted by mdm172 on at

Works As Advertised

Easy implementation and just works right out of the box.

Thanks for the great add-on
Review posted by bw1 on at

Bug with 5.6.x?

The version posted as of 7/1/13 didn't work with c5 v5.6.1.2. Got a redirect loop whenever it was enabled.

Downloaded the .zip from Github from the link listed on the add-on page and it worked perfectly.

Giving it 5 stars because it will work whenever the update is posted. Without the update, it doesn't work at all (yet.)
Review posted by manuelvalle on at

Very Useful!

Thanks for sharing. Only one note for those using add-on.

Correct line 3 on file packages/maintenance_editor/helpers/form/group_selector.php


for have "Specific Group" on Access pane working on

Great add-on.
Response by mkly on at
Thanks a lot for the nice review and even better, nice bug report.

I've fixed that with some other things for 5.6 in the github here

I need to get some clarification on one last issue I'm having with 5.6 and "Registered Users" tomorrow, but I should finally have things ready and pushed into the marketplace very soon.

Thanks again.
Review posted by PatrickCassidy on at


Appreciate this add-on, it should be part of the core.
Review posted by brandonx49 on at

Default Maintenance Mode Didn't work..

So came across this nice little add-on and now the system is visible only to admin and not the public.

Review posted by programmieraffe on at

Really awesome!

Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks very much for this free plugin! :)
Review posted by PanAura on at


This is a Great Add-on which I have found to resolve a lot of the common issues the default maintenance mode produces. If it was my choice, I would have this as a default add-on with all new Concrete installations.
Review posted by ZDV on at


Love this add-on. This is what I assumed the built-in Maintenance Mode would do. (I was very surprised how limiting the built-in one is.)

This works very well-- wish I had found this sooner!
Review posted by witwag on at

Great addon

This is a great tool. Not only you can easily create your own page with the template in place, but it makes it very easy to manage the pages while in maintenance mode. Much better that the core version of the maintenance thing. Our clients love it. A must have.

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