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Firstly, amazing block! The only difficulty I have with this is that I'd like the link text to update when I edit the title of a page. Otherwise I'm left with having to go through every page with this block to manually update page titles.

Is it possible to make it so that manually-edited link texts do not update, but when it's left to default to the page title that gets updated?

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jordanlev replied on at Permalink Reply
That functionality is not part of the block, but it's a fairly easy modification. Edit this file:
Find this line:
<?php echo htmlentities($link->text, ENT_QUOTES, APP_CHARSET); ?>
...and change it to this:
<?php echo $link->cObj->getCollectionName(); ?>

Now the page title will be outputted, and the manually-entered text will be ignored. Unfortunately your users will still be shown the "title text" field when they edit block... this too can be changed but it's a but more complex than the one line for the view.

Hope that helps!


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