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If one of the menu items is a parent page, is it possible to give it a class? I would like to highlight it. I really don't know how to figure this out, tried like 100 options from autonav code, but my knowledge is to little for this.

Hope someone can help.


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jordanlev replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
If you just mean any page that has one or more child pages, then you can do this by overriding the block template. First, copy this file:

...to here:

(you'll probably need to create that new "manual_nav" folder inside your site's top-level "blocks" folder).

Then edit that new copy of the file, and directly below the existing "$cssClasses = array();" line, add these new lines:
if (count($link->cObj->getCollectionChildrenArray(true))) {
   $cssClasses[] = 'has-children';


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