Here is a non exhaustive list of the features MaxMind IP-GeoLoc will bring you:

Powerful Redirection Rule System

  • Redirect visitors based on their country/city/ip
  • Reject visitor based on their country/city/ip
  • Define multiple redirection rules in a single rule set
  • Order or reorder the rules within a redirection rule set
  • Redirect to pages (with or without parameters), or external url
  • Redirect with HTTP redirection or a javascript notify message
  • Suggest redirect through a notify message
  • Customize the redirection message
  • Several messages templates (alert, info, success, warning, error)
  • Customize the message location (top/bottom, left/center/right)
  • Apply the redirection rule on a page or page tree (using an attribute)
  • Or apply the redirection rule in the shipped message block
  • Globally activate or deactivate all rules set from the dashboard
  • Activate or deactivate each ruleset or each rule from the dashboard redirect page
  • Activate debug log to diagnostic each rule activity either on a rule set or a page

Simple Customized Message Block

  • Show a customized message to visitors using a simple pattern
  • Apply redirection rules from the message block

IP Lookup Integration

  • Lookup an IP address from the dashboard
  • Enhance your Image Hosting statistics with the shipped IP Locator
  • Magic Data integration (get country/city name from ip in different languages)

Manage IP GeoIP or GeoLite2 Databases

  • Upload a Maxmind GeoIP or GeoLite2 database
  • Automatically downoload new GeoLite2 databases
  • Use provided automated jobs to automate the update and cleanup process