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MaxMind IP-GeoLoc


Use your visitors location!
  • »Redirect users based on their location/IP
  • »Lookup and IP address location
  • »Custom messages based on visitor country/cities
  • »Better Hosting statistics accuracy


This addon allows you to redirect your users or display custom messages to your visitors based on their location (country/city) or IP address.


The location is computed from their IP address, using MaxMind GeoLite2 database. Redirection rules are applied to a page (or a page tree) by either adding a page attribute or adding a block to the page. Multiple redirection rules are grouped within redirection rule sets.


Redirections can be either forced HTTP redirections or messages shown on the screen (with or without a timeout counter to redirect them to the redirection target).


Additionally, this addon will let you write customized messages for visitors, using a powerful yet simple pattern replacement system.


Finally, MaxMind IP-GeoLoc provides an IP locator for the Image Hosting addon to improve both the accuracy and the performances of the statistics IP lookups.

Some Business Cases

Here are some simple business cases you will be able to address with this addon within minutes:

» Redirect users to a Country Specific Website

Just add a redirection rule on your home page matching the visitor country, and redirect them to the country specific website.

» Redirect users to a City Specific Page

Similarly, add a redirection rule matching the visitor city to any page and point it to redirect to a page.

» Prevent Specific countries to access a page

In the same way you can redirect users from a country, you can also redirect users that are not from a specific country.

» Specific support to your customers office (using IP)
  1. Get your customer IP address
  2. Create a redirection rule matching this IP to suggest redirect
  3. Create a redirection rule on the specific support page to drive away other IP addresses
» Ban a specific IP address from a page tree

Create a redirection rule to redirect that specific IP address away from a page tree, and have the attribute set to "Apply to Child pages".

» Restrict page access to a specific IP

Create a redirection rule to drive away visitors not having that specific address.

» Force users from a specific IP to login

Create a redirection rule to redirect visitors with a specific IP address to the login page, and apply that rule on the home page.

After installing this addon, don't forget to download the free maxmind GeoLite2 database (see documentation for details).
The use of the MaxMind name and logo does not mean that the extension/add-on is maintained by, related to, sponsored by, endorsed, or affiliated with MaxMind. Additionally, MaxMind does not warrant products or services provided by third parties.

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