Version History

1.1.14 - Fixed bug with Concrete 5.6 which occurs when "at the current level" is selected.

- Fixed bug with access key.

1.1.13 - Improved styling for submenu on responsive mobile view.

1.1.12 - Fixed full width attribute bug.1.1.11 - Added support for responsive style.

1.1.11 - Added support for responsive style.

1.1.10 - Added fix for link formatting when the "Dont Link" custom page attribute is set.

1.1.9 - Fixed conflict with Mega Menu (horizontal).

1.1.8 - Fixed bug for duplicate attributes introduced in 1.1.7

1.1.7 - Added page attribute for replacing a child link with it's parent

1.1.6 - Added settings for sub menu background

1.1.5 - Added full width submenu support with CSS-based rounded corners (including IE support)

1.1.4 - Added support for controlling direction of submenu (left and right)

1.1.3 - Adjusted style for using vertical and horizontal version

1.1.2 - Fixed bug affecting 5.4.x introduced in 1.1.1

1.1.1 - Added support for external links opening in a new window.

1.1 - Added "stack" support (5.5) for advanced block integration

1.0.5 - Tweaked CSS file to improve support for Plain Yogurt and Dark Chocolate themes.

1.0.4 - Add keyboard navigation support (accesskeys). Added improved support for using Scrapbook items in menu. Added fade-in effect upon page load.

1.0.3 - Added custom block template for built-in search tool

1.0.2 - Minor formatting tweaks for improved template compatibility

1.0.1 - Added support for search & login on menu

1.0 - Initial Release