Version History

1.6.0 - Hamburger support added.

1.5.37 - Added translations on all strings.

1.5.36 - Hide display on edit mode because the menu is not rendered correctly after edit.

1.5.35 - Added reset styles to prevent css clashes and width calculation errors.

1.5.34 - Fixed submenu width for for Full Width submenus.

1.5.33 - Fixed default values for the block interface.

1.5.32 - Fixed the search form login alignment on mobile view.

1.5.31 - Improved catching of click events.

1.5.30 - Added note in font calibration field.

- Added fix for PRB errors.

1.5.29 - Fixed calculation of the row width.

1.5.28 - Added option to allow to automatically count the possible sub sections in the sub menu.

1.5.27 - Added support Extended Menu even with menus without dropdowns.

1.5.26 - Added support for Redirect on 2nd click/tap or on collapsed menu.

1.5.25 - Improved support for responsive design styling.

1.5.24 - Bug fix for Adroid devices which redirects users when tapping links with sub menus.

1.5.23 - Added support for Page names with single quotes or special characters which causes javascript errors.

1.5.22 - Updated custom css to avoid padding conflict set by the theme.

1.5.21 - Removed logging scripts.

1.5.20 - Fixed Access Key script for version 1.4+

1.5.19 - Added support for drop-down direction either up or down.

1.5.18 - Improved support for version 5.4 and below.

1.5.17 - Removed test files.

- Fixed "Dont Link Navigation" Page attribute formatting.

- Fixed "Replace link with parent page in Mega Menu" Page attribute bug.

1.5.16 - Fixed hover effect which occurs in IE9.

- Fixed "Hide Children from Mega Menu" attribute which does not hide the sub pages when set to the parent page.

1.5.15 - Fixed width of sub-menu container when "Force Full Width" is enabled.

1.5.14 - Fixed active background color for custom gradient skin.

1.5.13 - Added support for some PHP setting which causes the custom.css not getting read.

1.5.12 - Bug fix for menu items that has single quotes which causes the block interface to break.

- Improved the custom.css content retrieval which does not work with other PHP settings.

- Minor improvement on file size.

1.5.11 - Bug fix for child pages being displayed on the next 1st level menu when the parent menu is excluded in the navigation.

1.5.10 - Added Environment class checking which causes the view file to not to be displayed.

1.5.9 - Added support for css and google webfonts.

1.5.8 - Fixed sub menu animation on IE7.

- Removed extra border on Pre-build Glossy skins.

1.5.7 - Improved responsive support for tablets and mobile.

1.5.6 - Fixed minor bug on block interface under Menu Items tab.

1.5.5 - Added support for Search Results in C5.5+

1.5.4 - Improved installation script.

1.5.3 - Fixed minor bug on Responsive option enable/disable.

1.5.2 - Fixed minor bug on block edit/add interface for version 5.6.x

1.5.1 - Fixed bug where Extended Menu items could not be removed once saved.

1.5 - Added 3 new drop-down effects. Added missing "blank.css" file under css/skins missed out in 1.4.1 package. Improved formatting on DIY gradient skin. Improved formatting on stack integrated submenus. Separated bulk of dynamic CSS code into separate file for improved performance and cache support. Improved responsive CSS formatting.

1.4.1 - Added stack/scrapbook integration support for top level pages without submenus. Fixed bug with choosing menu "beneath another page".

1.4 - Added new custom skin CSS editor, restructured how custom skin is integrated. Added responsive support. Improved "don't link" formatting for top level menu items.

1.3 - Added support for Scrapbook/Stacks integration (Extended Menu)

1.2 - Added support for customizeable menu background (flat or gradient), font colors, and hover styles.

1.1.6 - Added settings for sub menu background

1.1.5 - Added full width submenu support with CSS-based rounded corners (including IE support)

1.1.4 - Adjusted style for using vertical and horizontal version

1.1.3 - Fixed bug affecting 5.4.x introduced in 1.1.1

1.1.2 - Added jQuery UI for 5.5 as it wasn't loading in some cases when the user is logged out.

1.1.1 - Added support for external links opening in a new window.

1.1 - Added "stack" support (5.5) for advanced block integration

1.0.4 - Add keyboard navigation support (accesskeys). Added improved support for using Scrapbook items in menu. Added fade-in effect upon page load.

1.0.3 - Added custom block template for built-in search tool

1.0.2 - Minor formatting tweaks for improved template compatibility

1.0.1 - Added support for search & login on menu

1.0 - Initial Release