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Review posted by ppisoban on at

My go-to menu

I use this menu more often than any other and have used it on multiple sites (26 and counting). It is very easy to customise the look of the menu and it's responsive. Support is fast and excellent. As of the latest version there is also now the option of 'hamburger' navigation which will be excellent for use on larger sites where the vertical list menu on smaller screens is not really practical.

Highly recommended!
Review posted by eliciacw on at

Worth all 1,500 pennies.

After fighting with a ton of code and giving up on trying to code a decent menu myself, I'm so glad I purchased this Add-On. It has been a lifesaver- not to mention a time and sanity saver. If you know even a small amount of CSS, you can code this menu to do everything and more that you need. I will be using it again!

Thank you!
Review posted by Hypocrite on at


This add-on seems to do everything we needed for the project and was easy to use.
Review posted by matthewdhaemer on at

It's not bad, but i was hoping for more

It's not bad, but i was hoping for more. I'm looking for something that would get me a menu that would look like the site (or at least a similar finnished feel).
- Rounded corners
- Button width that would automatically adjust to fill the whole width of the bar.
- (Possibility to add a texture to the colour)
Maybe its cos i'm not really a coder, but it would be so much nicer to have the features in a simple accessible way.
This menu is not bad, but its the very final finishing touches that make a website have that pro design feel. (If i'm wrong, please do tell me how to achieve this and i'll give this 10 star rating)
Response by jb1 on at
Actually this add-on has been used in hundreds of websites and has been styled in a lot of ways in fact more complex than the one you want to achieve. There are endless styles that you can achieve with the custom styling of this menu the possibilities are limitless which depends on your CSS skills. We stand behind our add-ons and we believe this menu can achieve what you required.
Review posted by willbe on at

I recommend

This block met the needs of my client. I had no problems. Good add-on for a good price.
Review posted by gmatik on at

Very good addon but not very usable on mobile devices.

Works perfectly with a mouse but I would not recommend this for responsive websites.
Response by jb1 on at
This is how Android translates hover events that is why you are not being redirected and this is how most responsive navigation behave for mobile devices. Basically this is a limitation for Android devices and not with this add-on. Nevertheless, we have improved the approach and so we added support for double tapping since 1.5.26. Meaning if you have collapsed the Parent Menu already and if you click it again instead of it decollapsing you will be redirected. Otherwise, if you click a different 1st level menu the other collapsed menus will be back to its normal state.
Review posted by philippwidmer on at

Great Add-On

It's a really great add-on. Easy to style so that it fits perfect to my website.
Review posted by frodon6 on at

Super !!!

Je ne regrette pas mon achat de "Méga Menu", c'est un super add-on !!
Fonctionne très bien, façile d'utilisation, vraiment jolie.......
Review posted by pigeelen on at

Very beautiful add-on

Mega Menu is a very beautiful and powerful add-on. Many options included and great and quick support after having a problem.
Review posted by kandih on at

Extremely happy with this purchase.

Great add-on that is easy to customize. Support questions answered quickly. We paid for additional customization and our menu works fantastic. Price is a steal for this one.
Review posted by naciberk on at

How to add in layout.

I've looked all your manual and everything else but could not find instructions for putting the menu which is hardcoded into the layout.
because I will do it, I want the menu displays menu items (from level 3) which, in a particular main menu on level 2

Just something like that.

$ab_nav = BlockType::getByHandle('autonav');
$ab_nav->controller->displayPages = 'custom';
$ab_nav->controller->displayPagesCID = '135';
$ab_nav->controller->orderBy = 'display_asc';
$ab_nav->controller->displaySubPages = 'all';

Response by jb1 on at

Thanks for purchasing our add-on. For support request kindly use the Support link (at the right side) found the Add-on page. This "Reviews" message is used for a different purpose. While your message is for support request kindly transfer this to the Support page and remove this from the Reviews page. Just a heads up, we don't give free general C5 advices there is a great C5 community who might be able to help you with that. However, we do offer paid customisations service to any add-on for a competitive price just let me know and we can give you a quotation.

Review posted by davidfurler on at

Start Me Up!

This was my first add-on for my first ever play with a Concrete5 site. It worked brilliantly (straight out of the box), and I found it very easy to wrap my head around styling it (after a very prompt reply from the developer regarding a particular problem I had).

Still playing around with getting things right, but I don't think this add-on will restrict me doing anything I want with the menu in the future.
Review posted by pmlmedia on at

Very easy to customise - fantastic menu!

Watch the video documentation before you start customising your mega-menu and you'll be up and running in minutes! This is a fantastic add on and the support I received was excellent.

You really can customise everything you need to with this menu and it works really well for sites that have many sections.
Review posted by timmeh00 on at

Mega Love

I love my Mega Menu's! Was happy to find a Mega Menu that works and there's a lot of config options without the headache. Good work :)
Review posted by JoshJ on at

Easily generate complex menus with custom appearance!

The appearance of menus can be fully and easily customized, though it does require familiarity with CSS. All custom menus on a page seem to share the same CSS, so have a common appearance.
Review posted by cmurray2329 on at

Good Support

I had a little issue with this add-on but got a quick support response.
Review posted by lorrainen on at


Very easy, even for someone who has no idea what they are doing. :)
Review posted by jwebolution on at


Very nice menu, works great. Like the new responsive support, though I don't use it 'cuz I already have my own...but I do use if for my desktop website.
Review posted by dscomix on at

cool menu and qick support

I really like this addon and on top you get fast and helpful support. Definitely worth the money.
Review posted by Slentz on at

GREAT menu AMAZING Support

Awesome menu out of the box for large sites and awesome support.JB1 really went above and beyond!
Review posted by PatrickCassidy on at

Cool, will use again!

This add-on is great if you have a lot of pages to organise, but also, if you were a beginner, the skins are pretty cool for getting a new modern look without having to code it yourself.

I've nearly finished one site with this add-on, and about to start a new one with hundreds of pages - this is going to be great for that!
Review posted by djoniba on at

Great addon

I am fairly fresh when it comes to styling etc, but managed to style my menu fine just by guessing and trying out different settings (and by using the fantastic app CSSedit).

Small minus for not including comments in the css file (would make it even easier to style)

Does what I wanted it to do

website it is used on:
Review posted by dkroy on at

Beautiful Even out of the box

This addon was well worth the small price, it has many default menu styles even without custmizing the css if you aren't into that. If you do want to customize the dropdown it is pretty straight forward.

Although, on a side-note, I personally, had trouble editing the menu bar's height at first, but I feel that was less of a style implementation problem, than me being a little rusty on css.

Thanks for creating this addon, you have given me great support on another one of your addons so whenever I buy one of your addons I know I am getting that also.
Review posted by fionaadams on at

Great to customise and prompt support

Really good menu to create a customised look for your website. Great support from creator to provide customised features for menu. Well worth the small cost!
Review posted by AltaPlanning on at

Better than coding alone

I already had code half written before I decided to go with Mega Menu. $15 is well worth saving yourself the time and it's well written and easy to customize.

There could be a little more documentation in the CSS but their support is quick and responsive so if you have a question it's no trouble to ask.
Review posted by nosfan1019 on at

Well Worth the $$

Unless you're just trying to learn C5 there's not many reasons to do this yourself. The add-on works as advertised and is pretty customizable if you know what you're doing. Definitely worth the money.
Review posted by trixiemay on at

Easy to implement - great looking

Really impressed with the add-on. Super easy for a designer (non-programmer) like me to get my head around how it works and how to customize the look. Thanks jb for the css advice too! Price isn't too steep either for my charity client.

Review posted by kdyer on at

Definitely cool

When you don't have to think about what you have for configuration, now that is a cool product!

Worth it? Absolutely!

Review posted by slevon on at

Love it

It really workes great for me and saved a lot of time.
One little issue I had was answered within one day.

Thank you very much,
Review posted by chrisjterrell on at

Simply the BEST

This is simply the Best in Site Navigation. It super easy to use and when I ran into a snag because I am a newby in PHP I got great support and got my issue resolved. Well worth it
Review posted by clintre on at

This is very impressive

I am extremely happy with this menu system. It is perfect for large content sites that need strong navigation. Very easy to modify to your needs!!
Review posted by lshcloud on at

Great Add On

This is a great add on. We took a bit of time to customise it and also to change graphics etc to get shadows exactly how we wanted it.

I think that's the sign of a good add on... being able to customise if you want to at as deeper level as you require.

Support was great and we got a quick response. Thanks!
Review posted by emsconcrete on at

Great Product, Excellent Support!

I needed a dropdown menu solution for my first C5 site. Mega Menu fit the bill perfectly. I did have one issue which was not Mega Menu's fault, but something in my own template conflicted with it. I removed Google Fonts from my custom menu class CSS and used a web safe font instead and the issue was resolved. To be honest, I'm not sure if Google fonts was the problem or something else in my template. But Mega Menu itself worked great. More importantly, the support was very quick and detailed. The programmer knows what excellent customer service is. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
Review posted by Pixelfixer on at

Excellent! Works very well and has lots of customization flexibility.

Thanks for all the work that went into this product. Well worth the small price!
Review posted by pigment on at

Slow dropdown... FIXED

Working nice but is I find the dropdown menus going realy slow. Even on the developers homepage I have to wait and stop the mouse over the mainmenu to get the dropdown going. It should be reacting in zero seconds. Why this delay. Is it only me?

// update //
...after getting a amazing quick respons I will give this five stars. I am very happy and it easy to configure just the way you like it.

// solution //
In the file "jquery.dcmegamenu.1.3.2.js" in the JS mapp I found the code to fix the sensitivity and everything I needed.


Check this
Response by jb1 on at
Yes, it probably is your browser or PC affecting speed to a degree. There is advanced built-in hover detection so it knows if you intend to hover your mouse. This very short delau can be adjusted in the view.php file. I'd suggest you open a support request before leaving an uneducated 2 star review. You may not realise, but I've spent many, many hours programming this addon, creating 4 support videos and quickly answering customer questions 7 days a week (even when I'm on holidays). I don't think your review reflects most users experience.
Review posted by Steevb on at

Excellent add-on

Lovely little add-on and great support.

Out of the box it works perfectly, with lots of colour choices.

I'm tweaking it to fit an eCommerce site, not finished yet. But hopefully it will save time in the long run for my client.
Review posted by nomade0 on at

Greatly customizable, but not in a developer-friendly way

I like this add-on, it's working great so far even though I haven't tested it thoroughly nor have I finished to customize it to my needs.

There is room for improvement on the customization user-friendliness: I wish there was an 'unstyled' style, so as to style it from scratch (the custom style is actually the black style that you have to modify). And most importantly, the css file is not that readable and really lacks comments :(

Hopefully this will be improved, but in the meantime, it's still a great add-on.

[UPDATE in response] Thanks. I am experienced with CSS, and precisely because there are so many classes to customize in the stylesheet, comments would be welcome, so designers don't have to figure out which class correspond to what. The videos don't replace /* simple comments */ inside the css file, but sure they're super helpful.
Response by jb1 on at
Thanks for your feedback. The custom.css file is intended for experienced designers who are comfortable with CSS. There are so many different ways it could be customised it's hard to provide comments for everything. I've gone through a lot of effort to create videos for designers and developers to show how it's possible to customise and extend the Mega Menu (see Future versions of Mega Menu will ship with a blank custom.css file so existing customisations are not overridden. Additionally, I always provide quick, friendly support and haven't received any questions from you about how to style your Mega Menu. If you have any questions feel free to open a support request.
Review posted by nando on at

Excellent navigation solution

This is the perfect navigation solution for virtually any site. The level of customisation is unlimited. Very simple to use with many options "from the box". A big A+ for the videos, they are very informative and easy to follow. Would recommend this developer without hesitation. Congratulations for a great product and excellent package information.
Review posted by py2k66 on at

Great flexible mega menu system

I am a novice with C5 but not with website design. I needed to get a far more effective navigation method, the site is big and deep, I needed to jump multiple levels so I could get visitors to the bottom levels in 3 clicks. JB has delivered the easy (once you get your head around it, video tutorial) method for me.
Support, I screwed up something where I happened to be working in the menu system. I sent a support mail which was replied to within 12 hours with suggested solutions, the first one worked, not bad for someone who hadn't seen the problem before. Its a very good product backed up by someone willing to help, what else do you want, five stars.
Review posted by maar on at

Nice menu system - Easy to drop in my Themes

This MegaMenu dropdown menu is kind of a fresh input to the Concrete5 Theme designers. It is really easy to drop into a theme. It's design (with 8 color schemes) is intuitive and helps the creativity to create Themes - The menu is also fairly easy to customize. I will probably use the megamenu in future projects. I should also say that JB. is quick to respond to support issues.
Review posted by SpencerC on at

Nice drop-down menu, particularly for sites with deep content

This works really well, and especially shows its colors for sites with deep navigation/menus. If you know a little CSS or are good at finding out how to style (this is me), you'll find the way he set it up to be easy to customize. Support was responsive, even when on vacation.
Review posted by mikewaz on at

Works great. Great support.

I've found this add-on to be very flexible and the videos very helpful. Using the support for custom skinning I was able to give the menus a significantly different look. When I ran into a snag with IE8, the developer was quick to respond and release a fix. Great experience!

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