Does it work with Multilingual?

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Hi there

I love the look of this add-on but before I buy it I have one question.

Does it work with Multilingual?

I have three regions, GB, US and AUS. Not all the GB pages will be vision on the US site. How will the mega menu deal with this?



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jb1 replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Jack,
Thanks for your message.

I'll be honest - I haven't built any decent multilingual sites with C5 yet, although I've built hundreds of C5 sites. Without first-hand use, I can't say for certain either way. But I do know the strings/text/labels in the menu are created using C5's best practices so they should be easily translatable with standard PHP translation methods.

I'm not sure if you're splitting your site into separate "trees" for each language - if so, you cold easily handle multiple Mega Menus (1 for each language), and create a separate editable area for each language.

Otherwise, I'd suggest if you try it with C5's multilingual and let me know how it goes I can provide support and tweaks as required, or worse case scenario provide a refund.

I hope this helps.

JackVanson replied on at Permalink Reply

Thank you for your quick reply. i will get the add-on and have a play around. If I get stuck i will let you know.

The site is split up into three trees so i should be okay.


jb1 replied on at Permalink Reply
Great to hear Jack, best of luck with the site.

And have a great weekend :-)


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