Keyboard Accessiblity? keyboard Navigation?

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Am I miss-understanding Keyboard Accessibility / Keyboard Navigation. When this item is checked the <ul> styles a

So nothing shows up.

Also, I can see keyboard short-cuts, but I cannot tab trough any of the menu items??

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jb1 replied on at Permalink Reply
Is there a Javascript error elsewhere on the page? If you can provide a public url I can take a look. The keyboard shortcut depends on the browser... Usually it's Alt + letter key (underlined in the menu). Each alphabet letter can only be used once and will be assigned automatically.

Hope this helps.

haundavid replied on at Permalink Reply
Due to the urgency of our project, we've taken another route. However, a JS conflict may be our issue - we didn't think to look that route. We'll take a look at this sometime down the road.

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