SoS My Block setup looks different as in your movies ;((

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it hats me ;(
my setup for the menu looks different to your videos ;(
so i have no megamenu samples ...
and if i start by "try n error", playing around, to look what it did,
a lot of times it kills my concrete, so nginX comes up with error..
and if it runs, i got not the settings that i try to get..
and all-time, it is to wide, and makes a line break. ;(
perhaps it did not run smooth with V8 and my template??
please can you take a look at
use: vollmember / vollmember

from your demo, second from top
Mega in grey with search field,
+ background pic,
i try to get ..

did you have a actually howTo video ?
or can you make me the settings?
greetings from germany.. buschmann

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jb1 replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks for using Mega Menu.
The videos were recorded a while ago in concrete 5.6. The new 5.7/5.8 version that you're using has a slightly different skin, but most of the functionality is the same. A few new features have been added since the video was made (they are highlighted in the marketplace listing features as "new").

If there are errors where Javascript stops running there could be something relating to the theme that is causing conflicts. I can help troubleshoot that for you but I need the actual URL for the website. It's best to send that via PM so it's not public in the c5 support forum.

If there are too many top level menu items they will wrap around to the next line. You can either use css to make the font sizes smaller or use the new "hamburger" feature.

Hope this helps.

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