Q: How many images can I add to the gallery?
A: As many as you like, there's no limit. The only limit really is the amount of server processing power available. If you're going to show over 50 photos, it might be a good idea to break it into 2 galleries spread over 2 pages, but it's up to you.

Q: Will this work on the iPhone/iPad?
A: Yes, absolutely.

Q: How are the images ordered?
A: The photos' orders are generated according to how each would fit the block. So no matter how you arrange it in the File Set order the script will override everything and try to fill each space with the image.

Q: Can I change the caption that appears at the bottom of the popup (lightbox) image?
A: Yes, this is controlled by the file "title" which will default to the filename when you upload an image to the Dashboard File Manager. You can change this by just clicking the file (in File Manager) and choose "Properties". From there, click the "title" label to make that field editable. Adjust the title as desired and click the "save" icon to the right side. Easy!

Q: Can the gallery fill up my entire page?
A: If you do not specify the "height" and "width" options it will automatially position the photos to generate a rectangle (landscape) in a mosaic fashion. If you want it to fill up the entire available width on your page, please specify the "height" and "width" and "number of columns".


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