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So easy - I auto loaded all my photos from a set, .changed the titles in file manager for the captions and it was ready to go. FYI - I made my uploaded picture sizes 1000 px..
You can see it here:
Review posted by brennabu on at

awesome for pics of multiple sizes/orientations

This was the perfect add-on for my online portfolio. I have different sizes and a combination of vertical and landscape, and mosaic gallery automatically adjusts to that. Before adding this one, I was having trouble with lots of white space padding around the images that were smaller, and the landscape pics were shrunk to fit into the width of the verticals. (There's probably ways around that, but I'm a total novice, so I didn't figure it out). Anyway, mosaic fixes all that in a snap, and it also looks great in thumbnails.
Review posted by copps on at

Excellent Add-on

With a little difficulty getting it to work (note to all installing - if you are having issues CLEAR YOUR CACHE!), everything is working properly and as advertised. Excellent purchase.
Review posted by LarrySinger on at

Makes it easy to add photos to a website

It does exactly what it says, and will save me hours of resizing. Highly recommended!
Review posted by formulate on at

Excellent at what it does

This was exactly what I needed for a specific project. I am impressed with how easy this add-on was to integrate and configure. There is a lot of automation under the hood that makes doing mosaic layouts a snap. Support is extremely fast. A top quality marketplace add-on. Highly recommended.
Review posted by marcelukparker on at

Attractive and easy to use

The interface is easy to use and the resulting mosaics are very attractive! I like the ability to link the images to a page, too - that's exactly what I've been looking for in an image gallery.

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