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Review posted by gavthompson on at

Essential Addon

I feel to actually see which parts of the interface you can use in edit mode without hovering is essential for the end user.
This addon gives back functionality that was lost from 5.6.

Download it, use it, love it!

Before 1.0

Review posted by datasouth on at

Absolutely Superb! Makes the admin UI so much easier to use.

This essential add-on really improves the user and admin experience.

As a concrete5 web developer, we think this should be a default add-on for every concrete5 web site. It makes the editing UI far more intuitive and supporting customers is much easier as they can see at a glance what is editable and what is not.

If I could give it 6 stars... I would!
Review posted by okapi on at

Nice improvement to the interface with a lot of options, useful for everyone!

I'm using this add-on by default since it has been published and i don't want to miss it.

For my personal use, i have deactivated the option to 'always' show area names, block outlines and area outlines, because with all these options enabled, for my taste, the interface gets a bit flooded with lines of all kinds, which actually tends to become counterproductive. Even 'always' showing the labels of areas is not what i'm personally using, for the same reason, but this is certainly just a matter of taste.

With most of the other options enabled, i'm enjoying a clean and nicely structured interface, that perfectly synergizes with the latest core interface improvement of showing the names of areas when a block is dragged over them (C5

It's great to have so many options for many individual tastes and purposes.
Amazingly, this add-on is free, nevertheless i got kind support from MrKDilkington.
Review posted by JohntheFish on at

Clearer, easier, faster

I was impressed by this when it came through the PRB. Since then I have been using it as part of my test environment for reviewing marketplace submissions and it is so much clearer, easier and faster than the standard 5.7 interface. This addon is a classic example of good engineering sense triumphing over minimalist gloss.

Like other reviewers, having been using this for a while I can't see myself ever working on a 5.7 without it.
Review posted by jero on at

Restores the Status Quo

Two of my pet hates about the new 5.7 interface has been the reduced intuitiveness of the interface, and the really poor colour contrast on some of the interface elements which make it really hard to read especially if your eyesight isn't fantastic. For this reason alone I've not been breaking down the door to push clients to use 5.7.

This addon effectively removes those barriers at a stroke. The interface elements are now much more easy to read and the restoration of the dotted borders means that the user doesn't have to wiggle the mouse about in order see where the editable areas are. The result is that they're much less confused, and I get less phone calls.

Even better, it's free! For my money(!) it could do with being part of the core. I'm retrofitting/installing it as standard on all the 5.7 sites I build as a subcontractor.

Thanks MrKDilkington!
Review posted by mesuva on at

A great usability enhancer

This add-on is a great way to enhance the usability of editing pages in 5.7.

MrKDilkington has taken great care as to add enhancements that do truly help the editing experience, without making it complex to configure.

I'll be honest and say now that I've seen this in action I really wish these options were in the core! (I'm sure he wouldn't mind them being included too!)
Review posted by katalysis on at

Excellent Add-On - Recommended

We can now see immediately where our editable Areas are again. A huge improvement to 5.7.

Well done MrKDilkington.

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