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I have really enjoyed using your addon but I have recently run into a major problem. I accidentally deleted the background image (JPG) file that was referenced by all pages on my web site and now the only thing that displays on each page is "File is missing." Can you give me a quick workaround to get my pages showing with no background image so that I can replace the image file again? Thanks.

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MrKDilkington replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi OutToPasture,

To fix the problem, I recommend uninstalling the add-on.

- go to the Add Functionality page
Dashboard > Extend concrete5 > Add Functionality
- find the Background Image and Overlay add-on row and click the "Details" button
- click the "Uninstall Package" button
- click the "Uninstall" button

After the add-on is removed, reinstall it. This should allow it to work as expected again.

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