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Review posted by gailsedotes on at

ok for the beginner but unwieldy for advanced

If you want something out of the box - its fine, but if you need something you can deep level customise is a snarl of multiple css files and php calls that are all over the place.

The captions are popup and not on the lightbox itself which equals bad usability and accessibility. And although it has been asked for help in changing the captions - the support forum is unanswered.

Not worth the money.
Response by sebastienj on at

Sorry for your disappointment.
I don't find any of your message in the support forum ! I can't help you if you don't ask question! Please post a message in the support area BEFORE write a bad review like yours.
Multimedia seems to be complicated but it's really simple logical programming. That's easy to customize the view and the controller.
Again, if you have question, please let a message in the support forum !


Review posted by icowden on at

Neat add-on - does the job

Does what it says, fairly well and looks good. An important note is that it only supports flash encoded as .SWF. You can forget .flv or .f4v flash for now.

I docked a star as support feedback is poor.
Review posted by aiontechni on at


I am impressed by the ease of installation and the amount of customization available. This really gives an air of class to the page and also increases presentation functionality within the space you are provided.

The only problem that I have had was with the insertion of a website link. I'm not sure yet if it is my problem or the programs, so still, 5 stars.
Review posted by maartenfb on at

Great support and a very slick add on !

I couldn't disagree more with previous reviews.
Works sooo easy and smooth.
Review posted by quantumleap on at

Bad support

The extension has a few errors and unfortunately the developer hasn't been helpful at all. So I am left with a file that doesn't really work for me...
Review posted by sgargani on at

Multimedia Box

Not real impressed. So far - I found your unable to size QuickTime videos larger than 1.0" X 1.5". All of the other features work well.
Review posted by tallacman on at

World Class Multimedia

Where a lot of media display add ons will let you pick a fileset or individual files to display, this block gives you a lot more flexibility.
You can add a web page(set the dimensions you want shown) in a pop up iframe, a fileset, an individual image, a youtube/vimeo/quicktime and mp3 file. The logical backend interface uses drag and drop simplicity.
This is one block that can handle all of your media files with ease and beauty.

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