Version History


Updates to the auto-nav enhancements: the second and third level navigations now work relatively to the domain's home page. Fixed also issues related to the preview of the auto-nav block under a mapped domain.


Fixed an issue with tools URLs that tried to fetch the current mapping with the current page.


  • Made it possible to request the /tools URLs through other domains than just the main domain
  • Added possibility to redirect requests that try to request the pages through incorrect domain to their mapped primary domain


Fixed an issue with the page URL resolver with the updated core versions ( and above). The core changed the IoC container's key for fetching the URL resolver.


Fixed PHP7 issues (due to changes in c5 core API).


Fixed endless redirection loop issue with


Bugfix regarding permissions of the test domain dialog.


  • Fixed an issue when PHP intl module is not installed.
  • Fixed an issue when the SEO canonical URL is set system wide and the system is set to redirect to the canonical URLs.
  • Updated the API methods in MappingManager to consider that there might be multiple domains mapped to a single page.
  • Fixed secondary domain redirects to their primary domains.
  • When a page is deleted or moved to trash, the associated mappings are now deleted.


Initial release for 5.7