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Review posted by stewblack23 on at

This addon should be apart of concrete5 core

Great plugin. I use this plugin on all my website and application builds. It should be a part of concrete5 core since autonav is not always the most ideal plugin to use for many navigational areas.

Before 1.0.0

Review posted by okapi on at

Exactly what was missing

Very useful and versatile. Easy customizable via custom templates, to fit existing navigation styles for example, since it follows exactly the original autonav template. Now it's easy to create custom navigation blocks without limits.
Nested items are a great feature, offering even more flexibility! Thank you for providing this add-on - for free!

1.0.0 -

Review posted by chemmett on at

Works perfectly

Needed a nested navigation structure with a lot of off-site URLs that didn't map to my Concrete5 page structure. This worked perfectly and was easy to set up and theme.
Review posted by JohntheFish on at

Templates compatible with core autonav

Flexible and easy to use. What I really like is that it can be styled in the same way as the core autonav, so it can be quickly used to replace autonavs in pretty much any theme.

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