Help getting this working?

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Just bought it. Looking forward to getting it working.

Couple questions. First, it's not showing in IE, but shows up in Firefox. Is there some css edits I need to make to my page? (I'm picking up CSS as I go for this project haven't messed wit webdev in years)

Second, how do I make the arrows show up inside of the little circles? And I'd actually like to have the arrows be semi-transparent over the image itself.

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virtuepaintball replied on at Permalink Reply
Ok, so I fixed the problem, but I want to make sure this was the "right" fix.

In the CSS,
.nivoSlider img {
Was set to display:none. I don't know why it would be display none? I changed it to display block as shown above and it works. But am I creating other unseen problems?
virtuepaintball replied on at Permalink Reply
But I'd still like to get the arrows working, any help?

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