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Hi there

My client wants some really large galleries, with up to 25 pics in each one. He loves this gallery, so no way I can use another one :)

Look here for example:

Two problems here:

1. Loading speed: It sometimes literally takes ages to load this site. Does the Nivo slider load all images first, and then start, or does it load them on the go? If the first one is the case, it should be changed, or at least mentioned, because it significantly limits the number of images one can use...

2. Numbered buttons: Is there any way to make them line up properly? The way I see it, buttons 1-10 line up fine, but after that, it gets messed up, no matter what the width of the area / image is. On the page mentioned above, there's about 20 images in the left gallery, but only 10 show up - the one on the right side is totally messed up... In some other gallery with 23 images, I had no 1-10 show up on the first line, and then a single button with the no 20 on a second line...?

Thanks for any help


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ptheis replied on at Permalink Reply
my client has about 30 images on his homepage banner. load times are insignificant, though frankly I have not tried dial up :)

however I do have the same problem with the image icons. I cannot seem to get the icons to align to the left, and with that many buttons they fall off the container area and are effectively useless.

I would love to see a logical solution to this. a next/prev hover option would probably be even more important from my perspective.

sebastienj replied on at Permalink Reply
It's possible to implement that. But it's not a gallery for tons of image. So it will be better to use an other gallery to manage big gallery
ptheis replied on at Permalink Reply
I'd be happy with just the next/prev button on hover. Normal galleries don't meet my need here. The primary concern is a nice automatic slideshow effect (you got that). secondary would be some way to hover and force the show to go forward or backward (standard click next/prev). pause on hover would be needed here.

if you take a look at the slideshow effect the core team developed - it has some of these features but unfortunately less desirable transition effects for this project... as well as absolutely no text overlay (an effect we use heavily)


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