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I just recently updated to the most current versions of C5 and the Nivo Slider. After a while of trying to figure out how to get the thumbnail nav. to show as an option I enabled it and everything seems to be set up correctly however, I am still not seeing my thumbnails for navigation.

The website under the "Portfolio" page.

Any Help would be appreciated.

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FatTony1952 replied on at Permalink Reply
Same problem here. Updates?
FatTony1952 replied on at Permalink Reply
Any updates?
JRick replied on at Permalink Reply
Sorry for the extremely large delay in answering this, been very very busy lately.

I found that my thumbnails were for some reason being hidden by the block below it. I added the free tnspacer add-on below my nivo and just increased the space below it until my thumbnails showed up.

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