Version History

  • 5.6.3+ compatibility. Added .1 to designate 5.6.3+ releases


  • Will show pages that are hidden but registered with Best Suite : Core in page type dropdown. 
  • Better preview in page list block, now shows pinned and normal pages in two different boxes so you know exactly what's there


  • Added in 'Pinned Posts' for the Oembed Page List
  • Refactored how content is parsed in page lists, now the logic is in the controller, making for much cleaner views.


  • Replaced file_get_contents with the concrete5 file helper


  • Updating version number - marketplace approval


  • Changed output to display in edit mode instead of having a disabled method


  • Dashboard Oembed options page was trying to truncate a table that no longer exists because we are using the built in cache instead
  • Fixed bug with content block edit screen not toggling the options properly
  • A few other minor fixes


  • Fixed simple truncation (by character count) not working when pulling content from areas
  • Fixed RSS URLs


  • Fixed improperly formatted foreach loop in the oembed view template


  • Fixed bug with splitting content from an area with text helper instead of the page break and tinymce helper
  • Added in the ability to split on [oembed pagebreak] instead of just pagebreaks
  • Bugfixes for links to detail pages in readmore links


  • Removed ProBlog integration
  • Moved all dependencies on herent_common_tools package
  • Removed custom template for the content block because of how it cache the edit mode output and the z-index problems with c5 overlays


  • Updated to use core cache instead of database entries
  • Added "debug" template for Oembed Content block so you can see what metadata is returned for each URL entered
  • Moved Isotope and Fancybox to this package instead of the oembed package to work with marketplace licensing limitations
  • Oembed Content block now works in composer.


  • Initial marketplace submission