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Thanks for developing this add-on.

I have one issue. I've set the default image for og:image in the dashboard, but it does not appear on any page. I can add the og:image page attribute to a page and select a specific image, and that works as expected.

How can the default og:image be displayed?


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blueatlas replied on at Permalink Reply
It turns out that the og:image meta tags will not be inserted unless the image is at least 200px in width and height. On line #87 of src/Html/OpenGraphTags.php:

if ($og_image_width >= 200 && $og_image_height >= 200) {
$v->addHeaderAsset((string)OpenGraph::create('og:image', $og_image_url));
$v->addHeaderAsset((string)OpenGraph::create('og:image:width', $og_image_width));
$v->addHeaderAsset((string)OpenGraph::create('og:image:height', $og_image_height));

Uploading a correctly sized image resolve this issue.

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