Version History

Always update Package Magic Starter before updating any other Package Magic components.

1.2.9 - Removed GitHub package source. Please use From URL package source in its place.

1.2.8 - Fix static call in object context.

1.2.7 - New tool to report on block and template usage. License now standard marketplace license.

1.2.6 - Adds sublime-project to the IDE files excluded.

1.2.5 - Provide searchable content from plugin documentation block.

1.2.4 - Files list now shows files before directories. Short echo tags allowed for appRequired v8+

1.2.3 - php7.2 compatibility of resources

1.2.2 - Enhanced warning about composer for GitHub source.

1.2.1. - Files list extended for reviewing package source files. Optional integration with Syntax Anywhere to highlight source.

1.2.0 - New package sources: GitHub repository, FTP repository. New destination: FTP repository. Update resources to v2.5.7.

1.1.10 - New build tool, LESS compiler.

1.1.9 - Fix use of $db object in uninstaller

1.1.8 - Enhancements to prohibited code checks. Enhancements to JavaScript Validation tool. New plugin documentation block for frontend documentation of any package using my plugin system.

1.1.7 - Update prohibited code checking, more checks, revised deprecated guidelines,  more detailed reports.

1.1.6 - Now includes own copy of resources, facilitating update independently from Package Magic Starter. Resources v2.4.4 avoids an obscure security loophole left by the core encryption helper on php7.2+. If you use the FTP package source or destination you may need to re-enter the FTP password.

1.1.5 - Encryption of FTP passwords.

1.1.4 - FTP/SFTP for package sources and destinations. Minor dialog enhancements for Local Repository sources and destinations.

1.1.3 - Cleaned up some false positives on prohibited code detection

1.1.2 - Correct typos in diagnostic messages

1.1 - CSS and JavaScript validation tools. Enhancements to prohibited code checks. Enhancements to dashboard plugins listing.

1.0.8 - Enhancements to prohibited code detection tool.

1.0.7 - Development only, not uploaded.

1.0.6 - Uploader can now remove unwanted files from an archive before installing.

1.0.5 - Trim blank space from format strings for local repository download..

1.0.4 - Fix error reporting when checking faulty package for download.

1.0.3 - New tool: comment density metric.

1.0.1 - New build tools: Prohibited Code Check; Remove Package Files.

1.0 - Initial release