You don't have to use Package Magic!

The functionality of concrete5 web sites can be extended through packages. Any developer can build a package for use with their own sites, on their customer sites, or submitting to the concrete5 marketplace. See Bundling Code into Packages for Reuse and Marketplace Distribution

You don't have to use Package Magic to install packages, create packages or to submit to the marketplace. There are manual alternatives. To install marketplace packages, any concrete5 site can connect a site to the marketplace.

Think of Package Magic like you would an IDE. You don't need an IDE to edit code, you could use a simple text editor. But a good IDE makes it so much easier, faster and less error prone. You don't need Package Magic to develop or deploy packages. But Package Magic makes it easier, faster and less error prone.

Managing Packages the hard way

To install packages withouit connecting to the marketplace:

  • You can upload the files or an archive to your site using FTP or SSH.
  • You can use GIT to synchronise files between development and live sites.
  • You can use php Composer.

To create package archives:

  • You can use your development system's zip utility (taking care to only include the correct files).
  • You can use the concrete5 CLI.
  • For your own packages, you could also copy the files from site to site using FTP without creating the zip archive.

You can even automate much of the above using shell scripts and tools such as Grunt.

Package Magic is not required for submitting a package to the marketplace.

So why do you need Package Magic?

All of the above involve repetitive manual steps using your development system utilities, editing version data, logging in to target sites by FTP or SSH, packing, moving and unpacking archives, making sure you have not included anything you shouldn't have and more. They all take precious minutes, especially when FTP connections glitch or you make mistakes and have to repeat the process. If you need to do this sort of thing regularly, those minutes begin to add up to a significant overhead.

With package magic you can bundle up a new package version in seconds. Perfectly formed with no fiddly messing about to strip hidden files and development only files. On another site, you can upload and install or update a package in seconds, with a host of automated tests to minimise the risk of a broken package breaking your site.

Package Magic also includes a growing suite of Package Build Tools to help you create top quality packages. You can validate css and JavaScript, check for deprecated and prohibited code, force updates, manage translations, expand short tags and so mauch more.

I built Package Magic because I needed it! I develop applications for concrete5 and deploy them in packages for my customers and for the marketplace. Over the years I assembled various utilities to help me with this, to enable me to roll out new versions of packages and get them installed on my customers' sites or uploaded to the marketplace without going through a lot of the manual drudge and without making mistakes.

Package Magic re-engineers these utilities and pulls them into a single cohesive and extensible toolbox for creating and deploying packages.

With Package Magic, creating a new version of a package and deploying it to another site can be achieved in minutes from the dashboard of the development and target sites. Creating a new version of a package can be done without accidentally including files that shouldn't be there or files with syntax errors.

Package Magic saves me 15 to 30 minutes every working day.