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Review posted by chrismodlao on at

So usefull

I was looking for this tool since ages!!
Free add-on, that claims to do this redirection without putting hands in coding !!!
So thank you
Review posted by Robmr on at

First Class

My heart sank, when I first read coding suggestions to achieve a simple page redirect - NNNNoooooooooooo - I'm NO coder - but WOW, a Free add-on, that claims to do the job - and, in a couple of minutes flat, even I'd figured it out! It works and the NNNNoooo..... has become a YES! Thank you.....
Review posted by madesimplemedia on at

Easy but Useful

I was trying to do a redirect to a first child page with some PHP, but it didn't work because I had a password protected page and it didn't work if the user wasn't already logged in.

No problem with this add-on! Rock solid! Very simple to use too.

Thanks! :)
Review posted by lota on at

simple and useful! great!

simple and useful! great!
Review posted by magnolia4 on at

Thank u!

Very helpful!
Review posted by jordanlev on at


I agree with all the other reviewers here -- this is a perfect simple useful addon that I install on almost every site I build. Thank you!
Response by MrNiceGaius on at
Thanks Jordan. You've inspired me to update this addon :) Cheers!
Review posted by bbeng89 on at

Great add-on

This add-on is exactly what I needed. I thought I was going to have to write something custom to achieve this functionality and was really excited when I discovered this add-on. I agree, this should definitely be in the core. Great work!
Review posted by CWSpear on at

Exactly What I Needed

I get clients every once in a while wanting to just redirect away from a parent page, and I find it kind of annoying, and didn't have a good way of handling it in c5. Then this addon. It's excellent. I love that it's more than just "first child," but even has random and newest and stuff like that.

Thanks a ton!
Review posted by medicimedicine on at

Simple, easy

Definitely a lovely simply add-on that works like a charm. Thanks!
Review posted by Pattyp77 on at

Perfect solution to a common C5 problem

Super easy to use, and much more logical than using a block. This will now be included in all my C5 deployments.
Review posted by tallacman on at

Effortless redirect

perfect! A must have!
Review posted by menno on at

Very versatile

Very good tweakable, i had a nav system with months as pages, now i redirect the agenda to the current month, with some extra lines of code!
Response by MrNiceGaius on at
Hey menno, glad you were able to tweak it to your needs :) Thanks you.
Review posted by nickelfault on at


Simple yet very effective addon. This should definitely be bundled with the c5 core!
Review posted by vincedelaking on at

Briljant must have Add-On

Standard install must have.

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