Version History

- Fix Logger dependency issue in 8.4.5+.

- Approved by PRB.

- Fix check for 'exclude paths'.

- Up minimum version compatibility to 8.3.1 for captcha interface.
- Fix if recaptcha pkg doesn't exist.

- Fix to make it work with ExchangeCore reCAPTCHA. (caused some problems because the form is loaded via AJAX)
- Add link to recaptcha add-on from edit form page.

- Add setting to enable 'Accept terms of use' checkbox. (GDPR)
- Add setting to control the text next to the checkbox.
- Add setting to use an introduction text that is being shown before the form.
- Autofill email address if user is logged in.

- Replace regexes with fnmatch.
- Add 'Save and Close' button.
- Check for banned IPs before submitting the form.
- Make sure exceptions are shown to the visitor.
- Use anti spam library (if installed) to check submitted forms.
- Add form setting to enable a captcha field.
- Fix countdown bug (clearInterval).
- Make autoclose / countdown configurable per form.

- Improve on_start method and work with on_page_view event.
- Prevent calling booter multiple times.
- Try / catch errTo show / hide only on the home page)ors in the regexes and log them.
- Add styling to email input field for when Bootstrap isn't used.
- Remove (now) unused findByRequest method.

- Automatically close dialog in 3 seconds after submitting.
- Add top margin to 'Close' button in thanks dialog.

- Improve translations.

- Add setting to make email field mandatory (or not).
- Toggle field visibility based on 'Enable email field'.
- Only use 'Reply To' if email address is not empty.
- Show asterisk next to email field only if field is required.

- Add setting to exclude form on a page based on a regular expression.
- Align 'Send' to the right.
- Add wrapper div to buttons.
- Use flex box to align buttons.

- Use 'Default' as the default form name.
- Add setting to enable email field.
- Add asterisks (*) to form.
- Make sure 'email' field is shown, if setting is enabled.
- Fix unused 'formMatcher' property via DI.
- Make sure LoadForm loads the correct form based on the page id.
- Translate 'Send' submit label.
- Make sure 'ReplyTo' is used when the form requires an email address.
- Align form dialog buttons differently.

- Allow view files to be overridden easily.
- Remove unused import.

- Point post install link to add form page.
- Add autofocus on name field.
- Split form settings in basic and advanced.
- Remove unused CSS file.
- Extract logic to a Service class.
- Add administrator email to placeholder.
- Change 'E-mail' to 'Email'.
- Create setting to specify which stylesheet should be loaded.
- Create 'generic' and 'bootstrap' stylesheets.
- Remove unused getPageID method.
- Rename / Refactor form 'theme' to form 'type'.
- Remove 'theme' / 'type' select field, as there is currently only just one.

- Fix an 'was not found in the chain configured namespaces' error.
- Remove table on uninstall.

- Make sure errors in AJAX call are displayed to user.
- Make sure the path to the page is visible in the email.

- Initial PRB submission.