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I just have some questions before I buy.

I notice clicking on the icon produces a popup, but some of the content in the popup I'd like to display in a list below the map.

For example, I'd like to make a list of the "Name" attribute and when the name is clicked on, I'd like it to take the user to a detail page.

Is this possible to do with some php using the PageList class?

Hm, also another customization I might need to do is when the user clicks on an icon on the map, it highlights the "Name" below the map as described.

Something like:

I don't need actual code samples or anything, I'd just like to know how easy it is to access things (are they attributes? Can I just loop through and grab what I need?)

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ScottC replied on at Permalink Reply
There isn't anything stopping you from doing this, you can relate a marker to a page, so you could pull in the attributes from that page and add it as an attribute of the gmarker, or fetch it from another ajax request based on an attribute on the marker(probably easier) :). My brain is a bit shot right now otherwise I would describe exactly how to do it, but you will need a custom map block template to accomplish this :)

Now updating the name in a span or something right under the map would certainly be no big deal and you've already found the correct functions.


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