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I have an icon that is 60 x 60 but I'd like to scale it down to say, 30x 30 or 25 x 25 when it loads using the "ScaledSize" property:

Is there any way to do this with the existing code in this addon?

I see in single_pages > dashboard > manage > edit line 69 (pre 5.6 version:)

opts.icon = currentMarkerUrl

can that line be modified to include the Scaled Size?

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ScottC replied on at Permalink Reply
well.. I think the proper place to do this would be in this function under models/getIconURL()

function getIconURL(){
if($this->getIconFileObject()) return $this->getIconFileObject()->getUrl();

switch it to something like

function getIconURL($scaledSize = null){
if($this->getIconFileObject()) $ifo = $this->getIconFileObject();
$img = Loader::helper('image');
$obj = $img->getThumbnail($ifo,$scaledSize,$scaledSize);
if($obj) return $obj->src;
if($this->getIconFileObject()) return $this->getIconFileObject()->getUrl();

or something along those lines. Then you'd also need to mod models/page_mapper around line 60 to pass in the size you are looking for.

I assume there is a way to see if you are on a retina computer through user agent sniffing or something?

This isn't trivial to just drop in, I'd be happy to consider the mods but I need a bit more detail :)

Thank you,
nicolechung replied on at Permalink Reply
Yes I'm just checking it on my iPod for now. Thanks for the code sample, super appreciate it.

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