Sometimes map is deleted when I press delete, sometimes it is saved

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I am having a weird (and unfortunately, intermittent) problem with the addon in that sometimes when I press "delete" it deletes my map but then sometimes it saves my map.

The end result is that I have a bunch of blank maps that I do not want, but I am having problems deleting them.

Usually what happens is that I can delete the first one or two maps, but when I select the next "blank" map from the dropdown / select box, and press edit, then press the delete button, sometimes this saves.

Sorry I wish I could provide a more detailed description of how this is happening, but all I can say is that it's intermittent. For two times or three times it will delete successfully, but then every once in a while it calls the save_map method instead of the edit/delete method.

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ScottC replied on at Permalink Reply
Weird, does it always say that it is saved, or does it say that it is deleted?

What are your map names? I'm wondering if it is something weird there and it's closing the text box and it's calling save instead of delete.

Usually things aren't ambiguous like that, it'll either save or not, so I am just trying to narrow it down :)

nicolechung replied on at Permalink Reply
Sometimes when I hit delete, I get the delete prompt ("Are you sure you want to delete?") and then it deletes it.

Other times I hit delete, and I don't get the prompt, and then it saves it.

It's for map names that are blank.

That's why I am trying to delete, it's to delete blank maps that I am not using.

If you want I can pm you with the login info so you can see what I mean better.
ScottC replied on at Permalink Reply
So blank map names and maps that don't have any items on it?

I'll check this out this evening when I am home.

drbiskit replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi - Was there ever a fix put in place for this? I am getting the same issue.


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