Page Password

With this package you can add different passwords to different pages of your site. This may be useful if you want to enable a "client page" without clients registration.

It supports:

  • multiple passwords per page
  • password is stored in the session of the user, so that the user doesn't have to type again and again
  • if a page has the same password of an other page the user have seen, he doesn't have to fill the password again
  • recursive mode (protect a page and every child of that page)

You can easily modify the "password request" page by overwriting the single page (copy /packages/page_password/single_pages/passwordrequest.php to /single_pages/passwordrequest.php).

NOTICE: due to this c5 behaviour , in 5.6.x full page caching must be disabled to let Page Password work correctly. (Thanks kevinmcd)


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