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Review posted by nickntime on at

Great Support

Besides being a clean and easy to use the support is "top notch".
A support issue was addressed the next day with the solution.
Review posted by yusufdebruijn on at

Password #Hashing - Working

I changed the input type from "text" to "password" too in the passwordrequest.php file so the password is starred-out when you enter it.

Thank you: madesimplemedia
Review posted by yusufdebruijn on at

Passwords Hashed?

Is it possible to have the password hashed when typing it into the password box? I mean the way it is now is like giving the person who might be side you the password. Not cool if you use in a public office and you don't want people to see the password you are typing in. Please advise... thank you!
Response by hanicker on at
Hi, sorry for this late reply.
You can edit

line 29 from
<?php echo $form->text('password', $secret_key); ?>

<?php echo $form->password('password', $secret_key); ?>

I've already changed it for next release.

Review posted by CheSimpson on at

Does what it says!

There aren't any instructions so it took me 3 clicks or so to work out that reading the description carefully is enough to understand how to use this.
It would be better to write concise instructions than leave that section blank. This is reasonably common for C5 addons i.e. many have hard to understand or casually written instructions.
However as far as the add on goes - its great!
Review posted by jwapp on at

great support!

I purchased this theme, installed it, and immediately ran into some trouble the first time I used it. I posted the author for help late Saturday night, and heard back almost immediately with a solution that fixed everything. I can't ask for better support than that! I'd highly recommend this author's products and support.
Review posted by madesimplemedia on at

Easy to use

Nice little add-on and easy to use! I've used it on a couple of sites and it only takes a few minutes to set up.
I changed the input type from "text" to "password" too in the passwordrequest.php file so the password is starred-out when you enter it.
Review posted by OKDnet on at

Ditto, Ditto, Ditto

Ditto, Ditto, Ditto, and more ditto to all the 5 star reviews. What else can be said? Thanks for the Karma :-)
Review posted by argosycruises on at

Quick support, easy to use.

Very easy to manage passwords with this addon.
Review posted by Pixelfixer on at

Excellent! Works perfectly and simple to use. Fast support too!

Thanks for the great little add-on! It did exactly what I was looking for and very simple to use. Also easy to customize. Great, fast support as well.
Review posted by waynes on at


Nice, does the job as expected. But why is the password field not a password type by default? Easy enough to change.
Response by hanicker on at
Thanks for your review.
print $form->text('pagePassword',$style);

print $form->password('pagePassword',$style);

for next version :)

Review posted by surfsupjoe125 on at

Great little addon

Sweet Addon! Simple to use and does exactly what is needed. Have subscribers logging in to private area in a snap!! Highly recommend this addon!
Review posted by studio108 on at

Nice and simple to use

Did exactly what I wanted it to do. Created simple password protected pages without the need for the user to register with the site.
Review posted by colintheys on at

Love this utility

This utility is fantastic. It does just what I need and lets me provide personal passwords for private files. It's easy enough to use once installed that I can create or remove passwords trivially to let new users see protected content.

I had a question for the creator, Nick, and he answered incredibly quickly with a personal solution. Can't recommend more highly!
Review posted by MrLindau on at

Very simpel!

This password protection is very simpel to use. You just install and it works. It saved me a lot of time to buy this =) Thanks!
Review posted by tcbrasel on at


This product worked perfectly for me. I just needed to add a password to a basic page and it did exactly that. Great value for what I needed!
Review posted by surfsupjoe125 on at

Very Nice Addon!

This add on is simple to install and works perfectly. Nick's support is A+ as well. One caution prior to asking for help, once logged in you will not see the login box again. You have to clear cookies to get back to the login box. This is by Nick's design and makes it easier for the user once authenticated into an area eliminating the need to constantly log in. I didn't get it at first,duh!
Review posted by lsudler on at

Page Password Perfect and Simple!!!

I am very novice with the whole website building thing! I bought this add on because I am a photographer and needed a way for my clients to view their pictures privately and this worked like a charm. It is easy to use and install and when I did have a quick question the seller was very nice and quick to respond!
Review posted by jb1 on at

Works well + excellent support

The add-on works perfectly. I had some conflicts with another add-on which was also hooking into the "on_before_render" event and Nick provided fast expert help to get to the bottom of it. I would highly recommend this developer.
Review posted by newstarm on at


Very handy simple add-on to use :)

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