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Great event booking system

I had this up and running within just a few minutes. Saved me many hours, if not days of programming. I made a number of simple changes to the code to make it a bit more user friendly - such as not repeating the full day and date for one-day events (it would have listed the event times as Wednesday 11th January 2012 2:45pm to Wednesday 11th January 2012 3:45pm. Mine now shows Wednesday 11th January 2012 2:45pm to 3:45pm).

Also, for free events my version of the code now says 'Event Registration is FREE' whereas the default installation says 'Event Registration is: $0.00/per spot'.

Would be great to see a summary of event registration numbers on the Event System page within the admin panel, or even better on the main concrete5 dashboard. Also the ability to edit and delete registrations without having to go directly into the MYSQL db would be great, but these modifications are way outside my ability.

Definitely recommend it and hope that the author keeps up the good work, keeps improving it and makes lots of sales!
Review posted by buildingsomethingonline on at

Actually it does

This feature has been added to the package.
Review posted by pheynwithme on at

Doesn't allow for limit quantites

There's no way to limit the quantities, so it doesn't work for theaters.

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