Version History


* Minor fix (hack) for displaying multilingual pages (other then just the default set language) too in concrete5 version 8.x - this does not affect version 5.7.x;


* Added Dutch translation;
* Added .pot file to be able to create other translations;
* Replaced deprecated Database function "GetAll" with "fetchAll";
* Changed _("Access Denied.") into "Access Denied.";
* Removed "Loader" class usage;
* Removed unused "use" statements;
* Removed obsolete "uninstall" function;


* Changed coloring from current version color "red" and newer versions from "green" to HEX "#333" to match the concrete5 "versions" color;
* Added version background color "blue" for current (same as on the "versions" section) and grey-ish (and white) for the others;
* Date is being shown directly on the right of each version - instead of opening a version;


* Minor fixes in case when no results were found;


* Initial Release