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Before 1.0

Review posted by ConcreteFlip on at

Great responsive add-on

I really like the responsive scaling. Works well for all screen sizes down to mobile.

1.0 - 0.9.4

Review posted by threeiem on at

Fantastic Responsive Photo Gallery

We have had a lot of luck with PhotoSwipe on a lot of differnt mobile and web situations. From our perspective we found that PhotoSwipe's has the most intuitive interface.

" This feels natural to use " is our clients reply.

We liked that the gallery's interface has a keyboard interface as well as a movie mode. Obviously we are happy for our users, but we are most impressed with the ability to scale to fullscreen successfully. This makes the images look great and the zoom ability is handy! - 0.9.4

Review posted by meinprotein on at

photo_swipe is awesome

photo_swipe is awesome. Highly Recommended. Thank you Jonah!

Dan - 0.9.4

Review posted by togafninja on at

Great Add-on & Great Support

From the beginning (fiddling around with the demo and documentation) till the end (solving the 2 minor issues in a very short time) I liked everything about photoswipe and hostco support.

This add-on works perfectly on desktops as well as on mobiles. Tested and worked as promised on chrome & IE (win 7 & mac), iphone, ipad, & samsung S3.

I strongly recommend using this one.

Thanks, - 0.9.4

Review posted by techload on at

Great tool

Really nice integration. Very easy to handle - also for our customer. - 0.9.4

Review posted by smartalecmedia on at

Perfect .. best one i have used in ages.

easy to install, easy to add images, works very well on all browsers and devices so far..

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