PHP Causing an error - Also hides all stacks/blocks/clipboard until disabled

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When I active one of my Stacks on a page I get the following error:
Whoops \ Exception \ ErrorException (E_ERROR)
Call to a member function getGroupPath() on null

more specifically, it refers to:
                $app['director']->dispatch('on_user_exit_group', $ue);
                $q = 'delete from UserGroups where uID = ? and gID = ?';
                $r = $db->executeQuery($q, array($this->uID, $gID));
         * Return true if user is in Group.
         * @param Group $g
         * @return bool
        public function inGroup($g)
            $app = Application::getFacadeApplication();

It removes my ability to add blocks/stacks/clipboard items until I disable the PHP block

Can you suggest a solution?

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