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I put a bad instruction in this php block, in the global header and now my entire site is unusable to edit. How I can do to disable the block and recover the content (php code) that I put in other page? :(

Please help!!


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lobar replied on at Permalink Reply
To recover from a critical PHP error, you can disable PhpCodeBlock globally from the plugin admin options (avoid loading your broken pages by directly typing in the address bar your admin panel address).
Correct the error then reactivate in order to test the fix.
gmurillo replied on at Permalink Reply

yesterday nigth I desactivate the add-on but the site continued to be unusable. Finally I had to uninstall the add -on and lose that code.
It seems necessary to revise this property to disable the add -on to modify the code problems.

- Supermint 3 Theme
- Code in header global area
- Deactivate add-on and check that not interpret the php when deactivated
- The site continue unusable with message about the php error.

I could recover code from other page, changing it to elemental theme (in this way, the header area change and don't include the php block) then I can get the code in the body of this page.

lobar replied on at Permalink Reply

I just tried to reproduce your issue with the last concrete version, but even if the site becomes completely unusable, if you go to

and disable both activation and interpretation (<- important), you totally recover your site.

The problem could be that the code you put in the block (you have a lot of freedom) may be too "hacky" and corrupted the logic behind the block (like the function that loads the block). However this would be a bug coming from the concrete framework or mine, or both. I'll see if I can put more checks on code validation in a future version.

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