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For an image add-on to be truly responsive it shouldn’t just have the ability to resize an image from desktop to smartphone, it should be able to serve different sized (or even completely different) images to different devices.

This can greatly improve the performance of your website as smaller images can be displayed on devices with smaller screens (such as smartphones) that may also only have access to smaller bandwidth.


The aim of this add-on is to wrap Scott Jehl’s Picturefill and it’s core functionality up into an easy to use and configurable concrete5 block, making it a breeze to add truly responsive images to your website.

This add-on allows selection of four different images to be displayed depending on the device size: Smartphone, Smartphone to Tablet, Tablet and Desktop.

The image can also be optionally linked to another page or an external site

Take a look at the attached screen shots or go to http://www.trawebdesign.com/index.php/concrete5/picturefill/ to see the add-on in action.


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